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Sportsground Maintenance

Mc Avoy Construction offers maintenance services for all synthetic & natural grass surfaces, from weekly to one-off assistance.

Pitches are maintained to the highest standards with specialist equipment and experienced operatives on-site.

Our high quality maintenance procedures ensure that sportsgrounds are kept scrupulously clean, level and consistent.

From horse racing circuits to golf courses, 3G or natural grass pitches, Mc Avoy has the expertise to ensure a true and predictable game.

What we dO
What we do

Natural Grass Grounds

Natural grass grounds can be subject to invasion by weeds and damage by disease or pests. The selection of the correct grasses and good managment practices can help minimise these issues and ensure high quality surfaces.

Mc Avoy will manage the essential maintenance procedures for your natural grass sportsgrounds, maintaining the quality of the grass surface and providing a well-drained and stable playing surface.

    Synthetic Surfaces

    Mc Avoy Construction provides a range of maintenance services for filled and non-filled synthetic surfaces to ensure consistent, well-kept and top-performing sportsgrounds.

    This is achieved by sweeping and grooming the surface to freshen the fibre surface, redistribute infill and counteract compaction.

    Prophylactic treatments, such as moss-killer and/or algaecide can also be applied to prevent reoccurrence and guarantee the longevity of sportsgrounds.

    Mc Avoy's synthetic sportsgrounds maintenance is designed to deliver even textured playing surfaces that give a true and predictable game every time.

    What we dO

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